14 Dec 2017

To flange, or not to flange...

We Burlicious three are, of course, mistresses of invention. It is with some pride that we announce to the world the birth of yet another new dance term – the flange.

“Flange,” we think, is a delicious word, ripe with smutty overtones, especially when it appears in a routine in which the wider gusset is definitely “de rigueur”.

However, in this case you’ll be relieved to know that one flanges to aid the peeling off of a glove. 

Experience shows that using a slippery, satin-gloved hand to remove another, equally slippery, satin glove is tricky. There's just no purchase. The flange, then, is what we shall henceforth call the pre-loosened and lengthened fingertip of the glove to be removed, making the job of grasping it firmly in the other hand much, much easier.

An appropriate instruction would therefore be: “Flange now, showgirls, while your back is to the audience”.

Just a small contribution to the English language. Feel free to use it with our compliments.

Yours, developing the dictionary,

Burlicious x

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