24 Feb 2018

The perils of a wilful wardrobe

Honestly, we really are quite good at what we do. However, you wouldn't necessarily know that from observing us in class.

This week's class was a clothes calamity, an outfits outtake, and boa bedlam.

In quick succession we had the Sparkly Bra Pixie's corset striking out for independence, leaving her standing astonished in just her bra and knickers. Then the Voluptuous Jules caught her heel in the bow of the other shoe's lace and nearly head butted the rear wall of our dance space as she struggled to free herself. Boas stuck to gloves and refused to drop silkily to the floor. Gloves dangled unhelpfully from the gusset area, looking like extraordinary surgical additions. Knickers twirled inventively around nether regions and had to be rescued inelegantly.

It was a hoot.

On a chilly night an hour of this knockabout nonsense takes one's mind completely away from the week to date and the week to come.

And the dancing's pretty good too! No, really, it is. The troupe is doing us proud.

Yours, a walking, strutting comedy in heels,

Burlicious x

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