1 Mar 2018

When you're strokin' Mama...

Snow stopped play this week (boo!) so we're all behind... so to speak.

This means that we have the current routine to complete on 7th March and then we plan to start a new routine the following week, Wednesday 14th March.

We'll be relaunching our cheeky, perky routine to the double entendre-laden  number "When you're good to Mama". It's a feelgood, nod and a wink, 'ow's yer father of a thing, and it makes us smile like loons.

So, as we always say, if you've been teetering up to coming along to play with us for the first time, now is the best time to give it a go as you will be learning a routine from its very beginning.

If you are one of our current showgirls and you've missed a few classes, and so you've been stuck at home, staring morosely at your stash of boas and corsets and muttering that you'll never catch up (of course you would, ya daft baggage, but we do understand the reluctance that some of you feel :-) ), it's time to lace up and come back to us, honey.

One way or the other, we hope to see you soon for a bit of Chicago shimmying.

Yours, planning our jailer chic,

Burlicious x

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