23 Mar 2018

A new move born every week

It tickles us mightily when an apparently simple move becomes a show stopper in class. The more we try to break down a move such as a sharp hip thrust forward, the more difficult and complicated it seems to become. In no time, scattered about through the troupe, one can observe a number of showgirls (and any of the three of us) painfully, clumsily, trying out a quick move in slow motion... wrongly.

The aforementioned hip thrust this week was variously re-imagined as a duck-bummed skiing position; a genteel hip nudge forward of polite proportions; and a sort of Pearly King and Queen "'ow's yer father" vigorous sheep-shagging affair. (Not that many Pearly Kings and Queens shag sheep, we hasten to add).

Ah, the happy individuality of the human body and the variety that each of us brings to the whole "monkey see, monkey do" element of our class.

Yours, loving the originality of it all,

Burlicious x

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