29 Mar 2018

A ripple of loveliness

In all seriousness, how often does one have the opportunity to say to a room of gorgeous women in their heels and their fripperies: "and now, JIGGLE!"

It gladdens our be-corseted heart, it really does, to see this instruction enacted as our showgirls trip busily towards centre stage from the edges of the room. Done properly, this mode of travel creates delicious movement in fabulous female flesh, with demure showgirl faces peeking above a quivering of bosooooms.

Simply marvellous and a gentle lift to the spirits.

Well, our little shimmyers and our beloved readers, we're off now for Easter. So, take the weight off yer stillies, hang out yer feathers to air, and we'll be back for Weds 18th April.

Yours, still smiling after last night's jiggling,

Burlicious x

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