17 May 2018

Future pleasures

We have a number of women asking us when would be a good time to come along and join the glamour, glitz and giggles of Burlicious. Ladies, you have options.

Next week, Weds 23rd May, we will finish teaching our current routine. Those of you who have done a bit of it and fancy coming along, you are very, very welcome. Do bear in mind that you might have to bumble through some of it if you have missed a couple of sessions, but we don't mind if you don't. Frankly, as long as you are enjoying yourself, we don't give a damn.

There is no class on 30th May - it's half term.

On 6th June we'll be back in all our finery and we will start teaching a new routine in that class. That's a brilliant time to come along if you have never been before as we will be teaching the routine from the very beginning. It'll probably be a routine from the archives - we're pondering now which little gem we fancy.

This afternoon we start the hilarious, slapstick process that is the development of a brand new routine. We'll be into our choreography slippers and filling Burlicious Towers with feathers and laughter. Watch this space for the launch date of that new creation.

Yours, busy designing and delivering deliciousness,

Burlicious x

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