11 May 2018

Ssssh. Your secret's safe with us

A practical post today, possums (yes, sometimes we do allow the rest of the world to intrude into our world of Burlicious delight).

We thought we ought to say something about the new Data Protection Regulations that are riding into town later this month. Here's our position:

  • some of you have signed up to receive this blog post automatically. Your email address is the only info that we have about you (we don't have names for most of you or any other info :-) )
  • we don't share that info with anyone. And we mean anyone. Frankly, the three of us would be hard pressed to know how to do so
  • we don't use that email address for anything else, either
  • for those of you who currently come to class, we have your first name on an attendance register
  • we also have an email address for some of you current and former showgirls. We only use that email address to let you current showgirls know if a class is going to be cancelled at short notice. Very occasionally, we might email our current and former beauties to to let you know that we're planning on doing a workshop (we really do need to get our act together and do another)
  • that's it
  • again, we don't share those email addresses with anyone
  • and we don't hold any other info about you
  • we don't process any info outside of the EU
  • some of you delicious showgirls have become personal friends of ours (hurrah! What a bonus!). So, we might have other contact with you, but that's 'cos we're mates and has nothing to do with Burlicious.
If at any time you want to escape us and/or stop hearing from us, just let us know by emailing us at burlicious@gmail.com. Or let us know in class. Or let us know via Facebook. We're big girls. We'll probably get over the rejection. In time.

There's no commercial contract between us, no commitment for you to do anything, and we don't view what we do as a business so we're not hustling. We think we have a legitimate interest in holding and managing your contact details, partly because you have voluntarily asked us to (in the case of this blog) and partly because you'll freeze your feathers off standing forlornly outside the hall in your fripperies if we have had to cancel a class at short notice.

OK, that's it. Hopefully it makes sense? We probably don't need to say anything about the new regulations given how we run this class, but we don't want a lashing if we do nothing and we find out later that we're wrong about that.

Yours, secretarially (which gives us ideas for some great outfits),

Burlicious x

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