16 Jun 2018

Brace yerselves

The longest tights in the world joined us in class this week. Secured (well, almost) under the fabulous bazoooom of the Voluptuous Jules, they rolled themselves down cheekily with a twang at the slightest provocation, causing her to yank them up again towards her armpits like a pair of errant fishing waders.

This almost distracted attention away from the surprise success of one troupe member in showgirl capture, as she deftly placed the heel of one shoe in the tied loop of the shoelace of the other and came very close to felling herself in a flurry of satin and sequins. It's what the audience dreams of, Dear Reader, a showgirl of their very own brought down in the wild, then netted and smuggled hurriedly home.

All this and the bewildering step-swivel-flick of our crisp tango flick kicks, and we had the usual hour of entertainment, epithets and steady, delicious progress.

It's coming along beautifully, Showgirls, it really is.

Yours, wondering about braces for tights,

Burlicious x

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