23 Jun 2018

The casting couch beckons

Showgirls, we've been asked whether we would like to perform at the Real Full Monty show on the Pier on 11 August. The event looks like an absolute hoot and we'll be helping to raise money for a number of cancer charities. This is the event that a local vicar has said is potentially immoral and titillating, and that it might encourage impure thoughts.

Despite this dire warning, there is no hint that we need to take off more than we usually do. :-)

We Burlicious Three are up for it. Have a think as to whether you might like to join us. Normal rules apply:

  • it's entirely voluntary
  • only do it if you think you will enjoy it
  • we'll organise rehearsals
  • you can always, always pull out before the event if you're not happy that you are making the progress you would like at rehearsals
  • the number of showgirls we will take will be determined by the number that we think we can fit on the stage.
Simple, no?

Think about it and we'll chat on Weds. 

Yours, getting ready to crack that rehearsal whip,

Burlicious x

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