21 Jul 2018

Summer - not all it's cracked up to be :-)

Summer has sun and holidays and hot days and cool drinks and time to leave work and get out and/or away and play for a bit.

But it doesn't have Burlicious.

Yep, we're shutting up shop for the holidays; laundering our evening gloves; airing our boas; and  focussing on
choreographing treats to come. Showgirls, we return to Burlicious deliciousness on Weds 5th September.

In the meantime we are, of course, hotly rehearsing (and we do mean "hotly" - sheesh) for our small part in the extravaganza on 11th August.

We'll keep you updated as things develop. And, if you need your regular fix, you can always pop along and watch us on the Pier on 11th August. (Pssst -these fabulous legs will be there!) The whole evening promises to be an absolute hoot.

Yours, getting ready to crack that rehearsal whip,

Burlicious x

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