5 Jul 2018

Women of mystery

We love, love, love the transformative effect of Burlicious. The day-to-day reality of who we are can be a mile away from what we look like as part of the troupe - dressed up in our undies and strutting our womanly stuff.

As an illustration, I was filling up the car early this morning on my way back from a run. Pink-faced, dripping with sweat, and dressed in a bag lady assembly of  soggy lycra, I spotted the woman who will be our glamorous Mistress of Ceremonies for the public performance next month as she trotted across the forecourt in her pyjama bottoms to buy some milk.

We grinned happily and said "hello", secure in the knowledge that, on the night, she will be an absolute knockout and I will be part of a delicious, synchronised, gorgeous glamour of showgirls, high stepping it and fluffing up our boas for charity.

It's a great feeling!

Yours, enjoying being who we are,

Burlicious x

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