18 Jul 2019

Hot to trot

We positively galloped through the routine last night, determined to complete it and to see it off in style as this is the last week of term.

Like the thoroughbreds that they are, the troupe cantered through each piece of the routine, with no refusals (although there were some slightly mutinous pouts when it came to the boa routine, which involves rolling around on the floor and, sometimes, getting inadvertently bondaged in one's boa).

It was a positive triumph.

But sweaty.

And a bit hot.

And sweaty.

Did we mention the whole sweatiness thing?


Still, what could be nicer than having a slippery showgirl slide through one's fingers, eh?

See you for class in September, showgirls, and for frolics before then.

Yours, airing our furbelows (whatever they may be),

Burlicious x

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