11 Jul 2019

Recapturing our youth

One of the lovely things about a Wednesday night class is the opportunity it affords us to be a bit daft and to decompress a tad in the middle of what can otherwise be a hectic, demanding or stressful week for many of us.

The dancing helps.

The laughter and the daftness help even more.

And we can use the standard of our humour as a reliable barometer of how tough the week is being. At the moment, we are finding ourselves crackingly funny at a level of humour that is definitely for the playground. We're delighting in a whole load of innocent cock jokes that would bring a frown to our face if we heard a seven year old say them.

Even so, it surprised us last night when the Sparkly Bra Pixie found on the hall floor a lone scrap of paper. In newsprint on one side it said "obscene". In highlighter pen on the other side it said "weird".

Nope, we've no idea either. It absolutely can't be anything to do with us.

Yours, letting ourselves down,

Burlicious x

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