9 Sept 2021

Slip into your slingbacks and waggle your tail feathers....

It's on! We're back! Bigger (literally 😀) and better than ever. Well, if not better, at least every bit as daft and fabulous as ever!

Class starts again in a couple of weeks. They say you can't teach an old showgirl new tricks. Prove us wrong, ladies, and turn up at the Reculver & Beltinge Memorial Hall CT6 6PL in time to get changed and ready for 7.30pm on Weds 22nd Sept. Yes, that's a new venue and a new time. The door closes sharp at 7.30 but should be open from 7. 

Carriages at 8.30pm on the dot so we can de-feather and remove our gorgeousness from the hall by 8.45pm.

Parking is limited to nearby residential streets. 

Class is £7. You pay only for the classes you do and you do not need to commit to future classes. Apologies for the increase in price, showgirls - we're paying more for the hall and for insurance. We're still keeping the price as low as we can. 

Payment is online rather than in cash (although we'll accept cash as a fallback). Payment details are coming to you by another route. 

We have a brand new routine tucked in our fishnets for later, and have chosen for this relaunch a routine we havne't danced for over five years. If our rehearsal was anything to go by, it should be a bit of a gentle car crash!

We know that about half our showgirls can't make the first class. As you regulars know, that's no problem. If you have never been to our classes before and are thinking about joining, it would be lovely to see you. Email us on burlicious@gmail.com if you would like to know more. 

Well, that's enough sensible and practical stuff from us for one post. Doubtless normal service will resume as the term progresses 😊. 

Yours, so looking forward to laughing with you again,

Burlicious x

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