23 Sept 2021

Just what the doctor ordered

 Oh my word - that does feel better! At last, we had a dance class last night with a bevy of Burlicious beauties and all the gentle daftness that that entails.

The signature elements were all there - missteps, wobbles and laughter, and me teaching exactly the right moves....just not always in the right order. 

And for all that, our troupe of temptresses threw off 18 months of zero Burlicious and trotted through the first part of the routine with aplomb. Seriously, ladies, it already looks bloomin' lovely. With a gang of us smartly turning out a leg in one, two, three, the effect is amplified well beyond what we Burlicious Three created and can deliver alone.

And it was so good to see you all there. 

Yours, looking forward to dancing with you all in long johns through the winter as we fling open the windows for ventilation 😁,

Burlicious x

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