1 Oct 2021

Thwarted, temporarily thwarted

Just as we got our showgirl show back on the road, along comes a dearth of fuel at the petrol stations and many of us delicious Burlicious creatures are suddenly grounded. 


To add to that, there is no class next week - Weds 6th October - because our lovley new hall is booked out by others on the first Wednesday of every month.

And, to top it all, we can't cover class on Weds 13th October well enough between the three of us. 

So, our next injection of sparkly drawers; feathers, fishnets; heels and hilarity will be Weds 20th October. We know, we know. That is positively AGES away. Still, we'll get there, and it will be lovely to be back on track again.

In the meantime, showgirls, "we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams" 😄,

Burlicious x

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