27 Jan 2022

A change of roles

We Burlicious Three differ from each other in terms of our ability to learn and then remember our routines. The Sparkly Bra Pixie picks 'em up swiftly, only infrequently getting stuck on a move that bedevils her, with the result that her repeated misdelivery of that move drives her into a fury until she sorts it out.

The Voluptuous Jules appears not to be concentrating, but she also picks up a routine fast. Once she has it, she has it... unless she gets distracted or unless we turn the routine around so we are all facing in the opposite direction.

Me, I'm the slowest of the three to pick up a routine, and I can invent fresh ways of messing it up as I go along. In class, it's also me who frequently cannot remember what comes next until I hear the next piece of music.

So, it was disconcerting last night to have me firing accurately on all cylinders while Jules distracted herself into a series of missteps and mistimings, getting it wrong in ways in which she has never, ever, got it wrong before. Maybe there was something odd in the ether? Maybe she was just trying to give the troupe an extra challenge? Who knows... but she was every bit as perplexed by the experience as we were. 

Despite these hiccups, this routine is developing veeery nicely. Boa routine bubbling along Burliciously? Tick. Floor routine flounced through? Tick. Next it's the glove routine and the final third of the dance. You're doing a cracking job, Showgirls!

Yours, absolutely delighted, Burlicious x

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