10 Feb 2022

You can forget yer Sudoku


A cracking little class last night, giving our showgirls the chance to catch up with missed classes. We roared through the floor routine and twinkled deliciously into the second “arms up” routine.

Then we turned round to face the opposite direction. And then, in the words of one of our showgirls, it all went “to c*ck”.

In defence, the second “arms up” routine is fast. Move follows move follows move, with a move on every beat. It looks fab, but the brain does get a teeny bit overloaded. In the split second it takes to remember what comes next, you are one move behind… and then it’s all over bar the shouting and the giggling.

On the upside, we assume we are going to have brains the size of planets with this as our weekly mental workout. We can chuck out our crosswords and just wrestle mentally with “arm, arm (pretty hands please), grind, turn, and PENGUIN!” instead.

Yours, not booking Mastermind just yet,

Burlicious x

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