27 Feb 2022

A purely practical post, Showgirls

Just a reminder that there is no class next week on Weds 2nd March. Usual thing - it's the first Wednesday of the month and the hall is in use by another group.

On Weds 9th March we plan to dance the bejaysus out of our current routine, finishing the last few weeks' work in a triumphant flurry of strutting our stuff, chucking off our boa, and chaining ourselves to each other with our gloves. 

That means that on Weds 16th March we will start a new routine. We're going back to the very first routine that we Burlicious Three designed together. It's a flippy, flirty little thing and it's as easy as wobbling on a stiletto heel. It's a tad over five years since we last taught this one, and almost thirteen since we created it, and we are still very fond of it. 

If you are thinking about giving a Burlicious class a test drive, then this is absolutely the routine for you as it is deliciously simple. Don't worry - the routine does not include doing the splits! We just like this shot of us having a ball with a lovely group at an outdoor birthday party :-).

Look forward to seeing you in ten days' time. 


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