17 Mar 2022

Putting a routine to bed

As we cruised smoothly to the end of a routine last night, I was thinking about what we Burlicious Three wanted for this class when we set up our sequinned shop way back in 2009 (2009!):

·        Designing and teaching dance routines that use some fabulous, sexy moves and that are more about dancing and laughter than about stripping (no more than gloves and boas are ever removed on our watch)

·        The gorgeous women that come to class choosing to dress in whatever makes them feel good - fishnets and heels; basques and corsets; sequin shorts; cheeky little skirts, yoga kit, normal daywear… it’s all fair game as long as they can mooove in it

·        The chance for each of us to unleash our inner showgirl

·        No pressure. No expectations. No judgement. B*ggering up a routine is nothing more than a chance to lose yourself in laughter and to enjoy the slapstick. Stepping on your own boa; coming to a complete halt with no idea what the next step might be; heading off confidently in the wrong direction; peeling off a glove and then accidentally slapping the next woman along with it...it's all part of an average class.

We are delighted to report that all those precious ingredients are still very much in place today.

Last night we danced and danced. We danced the routine in new wrong ways. We danced it in different directions. We danced the right moves at the wrong time. We learned that not one of us knows what a circle looks like. And then, we danced it beautifully, with syncopated sass and slink. Fantastic.

All this and an astonishingly chilly breeze which suddenly gusted through an open window straight at the gusset as we performed a quick move on the floor with legs open, brought tears of laughter to the eyes.

Our work here with this routine is done, showgirls. See you next week for a fresh routine.

Yours, with our hand on our tenner (inflation has done away with the ha’penny, as the Sparkly Bra Pixie pointed out),

Burlicious x

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