25 Mar 2022

Popping to the bank

Years ago, we Burlicious Three went to a fantastic burlesque show with Miss Polly Rae and the Hurly Burly Girls. One act consisted of a shapely woman ending the first half by coming off the stage and into the audience. She was covered in balloons, and was carrying a long pin. She offered a number of men her pin, and invited them to pop a balloon. As they popped, more and more of her was revealed. 

The Sparkly Bra Pixie and I looked at each other speculatively, just one thought between us - we could cover The Voluptuous Jules in balloons and charge per ballon popped. Jules is absolutely the kind of delicious curvy shape that would have netted us a small fortune if we had done this. A "pop-reveal" would be a very popular way for us to launch an interval.

So, showgirls, as we head into our forthcoming two week interval (back in class on Wednesday 13th April), treat yourself to a little pop of whatever gives you pleasure to keep your spirits high until we dance again. You know it makes sense.

Yours, sending out for balloons,

Burlicious x 

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