17 Feb 2022

A magic circling of the hips

Last night's move that is new to the troupe was a slow, seductive roll of one hip up and outwards, followed
by a slow, seductive roll of the other hip up and outwards, followed by... you get the picture.

It does take a while to mistress properly, it must be said. And, this morning, I am sure that new muscles are reminding me of that very process. But, oh, watching our showgirls advance in this fashion whilst coyly removing one glove is a proper treat. 

The accompanying expressions of pure and dogged concentration may need a little work, but that will come. As will the ability to loop one showgirl's glove through another showgirl's glove without getting hooked up in the other's corset, thus risking a sudden undoing and an unplanned revelation. 

It's high stakes we play for in our weekly dance class for the gently bewildered 😁. One wrong move and there is an inadvertent stripping (and we can reveal that this has happened before)!

Yours, trotting about happily in an increasingly lovely bit of showgirl chaos,

Burlicious x

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