12 Jun 2014

A treasure trove for titivators

We Burlicious three went to the Sparkly Bra Pixie’s nest for a recycle, re-use and up-glamourise session this week. Clutching an old crystal chandelier, a river of ribbons, some corsets to beautify and our retired boas (those feathers age surprisingly quickly in our gentle hands and a droopy, ragged boa is no use to anyone), we settled down in the Pixie’s craft lair to work our magic.

Ah, the fun you can have with an industrial glue gun, acres of haberdashery, a magpie gleam in the eye and a “more is more” approach to a showgirl outfit. Yes, there was a dicey moment when the bread board and the glue gun became attached to each other, but it's much more entertaining doing this sort of stuff with one's partners in stilettos than it is doing it alone at home. 

Feather bustles, fascinators, pimped corsets and frou-frou'ed lingerie rolled off the production line. It was like Blue Peter for the frivolous grown up. 

Is this what they meant in those 1950's "How to be the perfect housewife" guides about being a frugal homemaker? 

Yours, still removing the feathers from the nether regions,

Burlicious x

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