5 Jun 2014

Crisp and delectable

At the risk of sounding as if we have just been engaged to write descriptions to put on supermarket packs of perfectly familiar fruit and vegetables (anyone who shops at Waitrose will know what we mean), we think that this is a fair description of how our new routine is starting to look.

Responding to our delicate instructions (bellows of "WAIT for it!" and "right, left, arm and STROKE!" from me at the front of the class and the Sparkly Bra Pixie at the back) our showgirls are starting to make a very nice job of this little number. Mind you, we would love to know what the punters at the bus stop outside make of our repeated shouts of "BOB!" and " Car...ess...".

We must sound positively steamy and quite possibly illegal.

Ah well, they say that all publicity is good publicity, don't they? Speaking of which, do pop over to our Show and Tell page to catch the interview that our insurers made of us to help promote their business. Forgive the voluptuous Jules for her smiley silence. She had a terrible tummy upset on the day and we decided that it would be better if she didn't have a little mike attached to her corset to pick up her every gurgle and broadcast it to the world!

Yours, tripping the light fantastic,

Burlicious x

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