26 Jun 2014

Kicking up our heels

Some of you think that it's the bright lights, the sparkly clothes, and the gorgeous moves that motivate us when we're dancing with our Burlicious troupe. Many of you recognise that a big part of the incentive is watching women blossom and grow in confidence class by class, week by week. Whilst all of this is true, the bit that isn't always appreciated by those of you who can't be there is that the whole thing is also enormous fun.

Last night was a joy. I returned from a week away to see an appreciable advance in our showgirls' handling of our latest routine. That was magical.

And then we had the added bonus of teaching two leg moves that are a teeny bit tricky to master. The "leg over the back of a chair whilst sitting on it facing backwards" manoeuvre is a demanding little blighter to do in a corset without looking like a sack of laundry.

The "kicky cross-over legs while leaning on the chair seat" thing is an absolute hoot. Done badly, it's Morecombe and Wise doing "Bring me Sunshine". Done well, it's a cheeky, flicky, little lissomness of legs. 

We laughed until the top end of my corset gave way.


Yours, just loving our nights with our showgirls,

Burlicious x

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