3 Jul 2014

That "feel good" thang

It's a treat to hear that one of our showgirls has been practising one of our trickier moves in her break at work. It's even more entertaining to learn that, unbeknown to her, she was doing this under the boggled gaze of a number of her teenage students, who were pressed up against the window behind her as she twirled. Ah well, it's always good to educate the young.

It's also a treat to see the odd (meaning "intermittent" rather than "strange") Facebook post from one of our lovelies listing her class with us as something that added pleasure to her day.

And, oh, is it a treat to see our beauties getting to grips with this routine, week by week. Last week's mad and uncontrolled windmilling of legs is this week's coordinated kick-swap-kick-swap, bottom up, jump, WRIGGLE!

And the bruise count seems to be diminishing, which always looks nice. :-)

Yours, roaring to a triumphant close with this rather contained and subtle little routine,

Burlicious x

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