10 Jul 2014

From subtle slink to shameless sass

We finished our dreamy, seductive little routine last night and you know what that means, gentle reader - yes, time for a new routine next week! With just a couple of weeks left for this dance term, plus a host of new lovelies wanting to join us as soon as possible, we're going for a much-loved old routine to take us stormingly into summer.

So, out with the strutting shoes, on with the "in yer face" outfits, and off we shimmy to the fabulous Lady Marmalade. The pure energy in that song is an utter joy. So is the confidence injection obtained from striding about in your kit with a brilliant bunch of women. This one's all yells of "walk with purpose!"; double bumps; emphatic grinds and lovely boa work.

Frankly, I suspect that if we were what the song is referring to, and we then advanced en masse on the average punter this brimful of confidence and sass, he would run a mile. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Yours, powering up,

Burlicious x

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