24 Jul 2014

Flashdance, where are you now?

Phew, what a scorcher of a class last night! Positively gleaming with sweat, we strutted and shimmied and swooped with teeny bits of rogue boa feather stuck to bare showgirl body parts all over.

And do not underestimate the challenge, dear reader, of peeling long, tight-fitting evening gloves from damp, sticky arms and hands whilst trying to look supremely in control of what should be a long glide of a movement. And it's no easier pulling off this trick behind your back, I can tell you.

Harking back fondly to the days when Flashdance was aspirational, we fantasised about being able to pull that chain, as herself did in her trademark routine, and have water simply cascade down onto us. However, we had to accept regretfully that, were we to do that, we would be booted out of our lovely little hall pretty smartly and unceremoniously. And, as one of our showgirls noted, that would not be our first such eviction. Ahem.

Welcome to our sweaty, steamy, tropical end of term, new showgirls. We're delighted to have you with us. Here's to a slightly cooler new showgirl year in September. Plenty of time in the interim for shopping and plotting!

Yours, taking a teeny breather for the summer,

Burlicious x

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