14 Oct 2015

Lights, camera, action

Almost two years ago we performed at a Christmas Variety Show. We had, as always when out and about with our showgirls, a blast. However, we must admit that we were relegated to the dressing room equivalent of the naughty step – hidden away under the rafters with some industrial ducting and all manner of items clearly “not wanted on voyage” any time soon.

This weekend we performed at the same venue for one of our lovely showgirls and we had the best dressing room.

No anxieties about putting stuff on the floor – unlike a previous experience of changing in the gents.

No helpful barmen dashing in and out suddenly needing to get vital supplies from the fridges – unlike one experience of changing in the kitchen behind the bar.

No feeling our way in the pitch black over rolls of carpet and random bits of hardboard behind the stage to make our entrance onstage.

No MC appearing in our dressing room asking if we could tape up his trousers.

No getting changed at Burlicious Towers and then creeping through nearby gardens to appear as a complete and utter surprise, in someone’s dining room.

Our new dressing room was positively idyllic by comparison.

To top it all, we had our own photographer, the lovely Katy Paige-Mclean (who took the photo accompanying this post), with us and, boy, did she do us proud.

We’re quite taken with this new level of comfort and pampering, we must say. We liked it as much as we liked the enthusiastic chap who shouted: “Right. All back to mine!” at the end of our first number.  
Now, if we can just get someone to ensure that we’re supplied with champagne and chocolates before we start, we think we could really take to this way of life.

Yours, purring contentedly,

Burlicious x

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