1 Oct 2015

The erection section

Can you imagine what it must be like to be a proper, professional, serious dancer? How on earth do they get through hour after hour of grueling rehearsal and demands for utter physical perfection without a jaunty bit of banter, a shared delight in individual cock ups, and a generous sprinkling of double entendres?

Much as we fancy doing more Burlicious classes than we do now, and important though it is to us to put on a bloomin' good show whenever we do perform, we are very clear that the process by which we get to our result is every bit as important to us as the finished article. Hence the delight last night at the re-christening of a bit of cane work as the erection section and the shared smiles when discussing adaptations to be made to one particular move to account for differences in arm length and in generosity and shape of derriere.

As one new joiner remarked to me at the end of the class: "You've got a great bunch of women here." Yes, we have, we really have. And that's at least half of what this is all about. If it's not supportive, and warm, and fun, what would be the point in doing it?

Yours, happily amateur,

Burlicious x

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