8 Oct 2015

Supporting our assets

Feathers are a-fluffing here at Burlicious Towers in preparation for tomorrow’s performance by us and some of our showgirls at the big birthday bash of one of our gorgeous number. We had a cracking rehearsal at our little hall last Saturday, excitingly fueled by cupcakes, and we finished by inviting our Props Manager to join us to take charge of the music.

Travelling home with him, we were discussing the complications of changing on the night from our posh evening outfits into our showgirl attire and back again. The unaccustomed challenge of the stick-on bra cups needed for the posh frock and the implications of that for the undergarments for the showgirl outfit were (ahem) front and centre of the debate.

“Hmm,” said our Props Manager thoughtfully, “we need a tit plan,” and he sat back contentedly for a proper muse on the topic.

There are times, Dear Reader, when that man really, really loves his work.

Yours, spreading cheer among the workers,

Burlicious x

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