8 Sept 2017

Perfect plumage

Another delicious Burlicious term began this week with a new routine - our fan-flutteringly lovely version of, "The Other Woman".

To be fair, our rehearsal fans are a little bit, ...well, ...they're a little bit sub-optimal.

Wise as we are to the surprising amount of damage that the average Burlicious showgirl can inflict on a prop, we're using cheap fans in class. The fans are a tad on the small side and sometimes not quite as smooth on the opening and shutting as we are. Even fully open, it's a stretch of the imagination to pretend that they provide a coy modesty panel from which our showgirls can peek out temptingly.

Despite this, there is something magical in being behind the whole troupe as they flick these little fans up behind them and flutter them alluringly over the buttocks. It's colourful and exotic and like seeing the early stages of a mating dance by a bird of paradise. Minus the screeching and cawing.

You're looking fab, showgirls. Flutter yer feathers with pride!

Yours, delighted with our flock,

Burlicious x

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