1 Sept 2017

Step right up

Feathers, frivolity and a flippin' good giggle roll back into town next Wednesday, 6th September.

Yes, we're back to class with a very well-mannered little routine - all fan fluttering and coy glances. Not quite Pride and Prejudice, we grant you. It's perhaps more of a Slink, Stroke and Shimmy, but it's a tasteful thing, nevertheless.

Rest assured, showgirls, that this brief bit of restrained good behaviour will soon be banished when we usher in the new routine - a gem that is in the choreography workshop as we speak and one that we are currently trying to grubby up a bit.

Look forward to seeing you all next week. Whether you're a regular, a brand new test driver or a returner to the fold, you're all warmly welcome. It's a new term, the start of a fresh routine, and the very best time to come along and strut yer stuff.

Yours, doing our duty for beauty,

Burlicious x

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