25 Jan 2018

A new member

We do love the start of a new dance routine as the class swells again with those who have missed classes and who want to come back at the very beginning of a routine. It's also the perfect opportunity for women who have never come to class before to come and see what we're like. Welcome, and welcome back, all of you. We love having you with us.

Demonstrating the routine last night for the first time, I made an unscripted addition of my own. Having removed a long, pink evening glove I managed while sliding it seductively (well, that was the intention) down my body, to attach it firmly to a sparkly bit on the front of my drawers.

And there it stayed.

Picture the scene, Dear Reader - black knickers, black tights and a long pink glove attached to the front of me just about exactly where one would attach a new male member if that was a body enhancement that appealed.

The sight was made marginally more hilarious, if that were possible, by me slinging my leg over the chair seat, straddling the chair with my back to the audience, and my new pink addition peaking out slyly between my legs under my bum.

Of course, I shall pretend that this was a deliberate ploy to make our new showgirls feel instantly at ease and not intimidated by our innate perfection and professionalism. However, I am secretly delighted to confess that this sort of c*ck up is not unusual for Burlicious, which is why it is such a giggle.

Yours, grinning at the memory,

Burlicious x

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