11 Jan 2018

More than just waggling

It is sometimes forgotten that a Burlicious class can be a mental workout as well as physical exercise.

Don't get us wrong - our routines aren't difficult. They're designed to be eminently learnable by women who are not dance professionals, and we invest a sensible amount of time in class in repetition until we think that the troupe has got it. However, because none of us does this stuff for a living, there's no denying that it can mess with the head a bit firstly to learn a routine, and then to reorient it.

What do we mean by "reorienting"? well, when we think the troupe has mistressed a section of a dance, we then get them to dance it facing in a different direction - to the back of the hall; to the side; in a circle facing each other, and so on.

The suggestion that we do this is always met with groans and then with hilarity when we give it a go. Usually at least one or two of the troupe (and by no means the same ones every time) will be confidently heading off in exactly the wrong direction at some point and then coming to a bewildered halt. It's amazing just how challenging it can be to take familiar steps and then dance them in a different direction.

So you see, we're a training session for mental agility and spatial awareness as well as being some of the best fun that you can have in yer drawers away from your own home.

It's not just tits and arse, you know. :-)

Yours, brain surgeons in stilettos,

Burlicious x

PS: We still adore this pic from Katy Paige-Mclean Photography of some of the troupe heading onstage :-) 

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