18 Jan 2018

Off with the old, on with the new

A triumphant (if a little hasty) close to our current routine last night as we whipped our troupe through the complete number for the last time. Not one of them has been able to be there for every class, so there was a good smattering of: "oooh, I don't know this bit" as we cantered gamely along. Add to this the fact that, for some of the routine anyway, there are three distinct roles and three different sets of steps, and it all made for a rather varied interpretation of the original.

A highlight for the evening was the astonished look on the face of a couple of showgirls who had never before seen the "rolling around on the floor gusset flash" move. "Boggled" would be a fair description.

As special was the confession by one showgirl that, when I accidentally attached my sequinned front to my fishnetted thigh, thus preventing me from straightening back up, she gamely stayed bent over her own leg, assuming that this was just a part of the routine that she had forgotten.

We do adore the sometimes chaotic nature of what we do.

A new routine starts next Wednesday, 24th January, showgirls. We've taken an old favourite and given it a substantial overhaul. We're rather chuffed with it, we must say. So, if you're coming back to class or if you want to give us a go for the first time, next Wednesday is a perfect opportunity to be in at the very start of a routine.

Yours, gusset flashing with the best of 'em,

Burlicious x

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