10 Nov 2016

Cooo-eeee! Early Christmas present!

OK showgirls present, past, future and those of you keen to stage your comeback, we're finally there - a new routine starts on Wednesday 16th November. 

Ease on those heels; tease on those fishnets; squeeze sexily into yer satins and sequins; fluff up yer feathers... we're off on a new adventure of glamour and delight and it will be really, really lovely to have you with us.

We had a ball finishing off our current routine last night. If we say so ourselves, it looks bee-yoooo-tiful. Now we're ready to strut our delicious stuff to a new tune. Well, we say new - it's an old favourite from three years ago and we can't wait to dust it down and see it shimmer and sparkle again.

Come and join us as an antidote to the run up to Christmas - it's the ideal time!

Yours, straining at the leash,

Burlicious x

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