3 Nov 2016

Teetering on the brink of perfection

Accidentally threading the heel of one little high-heeled, lace-up bootie through the ribbon loop of the other little lace-up bootie is not easy. It's harder still, once hobbled in this way, to dance without falling over.

Mistakenly popping the heel of one delicate dancing shoe into the slim gap between the instep of one's other foot and the side of that shoe isn't a breeze to do either. Similarly, it makes dancing while still upright a bit trickier.

Trickiest of all is hearing the little tinkle in the music that tells you when to get ready for the *!*@*!  #@1*^!* tip of the hat  move with which we finish this routine. Oooooh, but some showgirl faces last night were positively mutinous with crossness and frustration. Trust me, showgirls, that's exactly what we were like when we designed the darned thing! We feel your pain. We do.

What I love about times like this, however, is that, while you're busy growling and muttering to yourself about this particular step, you're gliding effortlessly through the "limburger bob", the floor routine with the boa, and the "step tap and twirl" steps without noticing. Just a few weeks ago and it was these steps that brought the troupe to the verge of snarling and unladylike language. :-)

We're really looking forward to just dancing this number with you next week, showgirls. When we do, do take turns to step out and look at the rest of the troupe in action. You really are looking very, very lovely.

Yours, loving the way that you learn,

Burlicious x

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