17 Nov 2016

Start the car, I know a whoopee spot...

... and All That Jazz.

Yes, our "All That Jazz" routine is back after a three year absence. We'll be all-that-jazzing in class until our garters break. Or for the next few weeks. Whichever comes first.

Our showgirls are already rouging their knees and rolling their stockings down, and whip-cracking their boa with aplomb (whoever she may be). This week we mastered:

  • tail-swishing;
  • (deliberate) boa dropping;
  • boa retrieval (harder than it looks);
  • and a bit of Father Dick, ahem, blowing the blues.
Next week, my lovelies, we shall repeat all of that and add on the absolutely delicious floor routine. Can't wait!

Yours, loving how this routine makes us smile like eejits,

Burlicious x

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