24 Nov 2016

What goes down...

... seems to get up again rather more slowly.

We've reached the fabulous floor routine in "All That Jazz" and a showgirl mutiny is brewing.

Twist, they all go, smartly down onto one knee.

Sli-i-i-i-de, they all go as they sweep one leg behind them and get closer to the floor.

Plump, they all go, as each showgirl puts her lovely derriere on the ground.

And, open, a battery of showgirl legs swishes apart as we sit bolt upright on the floor, legs akimbo.

And then I have to persuade them to get up onto their feet again so that we can repeat that little run of moves over and over. That bit, it must be accepted, is a little bit less smooth in execution and the troupe is just a tad less willing!

We could provide physical walking aids, like zimmers, to ease the clambering-up process, but we think that might detract a bit from the glamour of the routine. Maybe the answer is to recruit some strong Burlicious Boys to sweep us to our feet? I can see that being a lot easier to sell as a solution.

Yours, touting for hefting talent,

Burlicious x

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